Poison Control Coordinating Committee

Poison Emergencies: 1-800-222-1222

The Poison Control Coordinating Committee (PCCC) shall coordinate the activities ofthe Regional Poison Control Centers (RPCCs) designated under Texas Administrative Code, Section 777.001(a) and advise the Commission on State Emergency Communications.

The PCCC is composed of:

(1) Six members who represent the six RPCCS (one appointed by the Chief Executive Officer of each center);

(2) One public member appointed by the Commission on State Emergency Communications; 

(3) One member appointed by the Commissioner of the Department of State Health Services; and

(4) One member who is a health care professional designated as the Poison Control Program Coordinator appointed by the Commission on State Emergency Communications.


Committee Members:


David Baker, PharmD, DABAT - Chair
Managing Director
Central Texas Poison Center - Temple, TX

Melody Gardner, RN, MSN, CCRN - Vice Chair
Managing Director
North Texas Poison Center - Dallas, TX

Salvador Baeza, PharmD, DABAT
Managing Director

West Texas Regional Poison Center - El Paso, TX

Lizette Villarreal, MA

South Texas Poison Center - San Antonio, TX

Jeanie Jaramillo, PharmD
Managing Director
Texas Panhandle Poison Center - Amarillo, TX

Jean L. Cleary, PharmD
Managing Director

Southeast Texas Poison Center - Galveston, TX

Jef Hayes, MPH, LP
Chief of Staff, Office of Medical Director, ATC
Public Member - Austin, TX

Heidi Bojes, PhD
Director, Environmental & Injury Epidemiology and Disease Registries Section

Department of State Health Services - Austin, TX

Sharilyn Stanley, MD
Poison Control Program Coordinator

Commission on State Emergency Communications - Austin, TX



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