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Rider No. 8 to the Commission’s appropriations for the 2014-2015 biennium requires the Commission to submit by October 1, 2013 a plan for consolidating the Poison Centers from six to four.  The Consolidation Plan submitted to the Legislative Budget Board includes the information required by rider and other information as directed by the Commission. 

Recommendation Summary

In the event of consolidation of the Poison Centers by the Texas Legislature, the Commission recommends consolidating two current center regions into two existing center regions, consolidating adjacent populations, and reapportioning Specialist in Poison Information full-time equivalent positions.   The Amarillo regional Poison Control services would be consolidated into the El Paso center; and the Temple center services into the San Antonio center.  Based on the revised configuration, the Commission would redraw the service regions for each center so that each center serves an appropriate percentage of the state’s population with adequate staffing and resources. 

The minimum biennial state funding required to maintain four Poison Centers with American Association of Poison Control Center accreditation is $11,215,201.

The total number of full-time equivalent positions to maintain four accredited Poison Centers is 68.75, of which 45.55 are Specialists in Poison Information.  The Commission has determined that the current number of state funded Specialists in Poison Information positions is required in order to continue the same high level of quality care.

pdfCSEC Consolidation Plan for Texas Regional Poison Control Centers

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