How to Call 9-1-1

When you need to call 9-1-1 here are some very easy steps to follow:

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Phones that we find indoors come in all shapes and sizes. They may have buttons or dials, and can sit on a desk or hang on a wall. They may have a cord that looks like a tail and attaches to the wall. Some have a curly cord that attaches the handset to the phone.

To call 9-1-1 on a corded landline phone, pick it up and you will hear a dial tone. Push the “9” button, push the “1” button, and then push the “1” button again. 

{slide=Cordless Landline Phones}

The phones that have no curly cords and that you can take all over the house are called cordless phones. These phones have a base and a cord attached to the wall. There is a difference between cordless and cell phones.

To call 9-1-1 on a cordless phone, press the on or talk button, listen for a dial tone, and then push the "9" button, push the "1" button, and then push the "1" button again. 

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There are many variations of cell phones. To call for help, push the “9” button, push the “1” button, and then push the “1” button again, then press the send button. The send or on button may be green or have a green icon. 



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