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Public information in the custody of the Commission on State Emergency Communications (CSEC) is available upon written request to the CSEC.  If the information requested cannot be produced within 10 business days, the requestor will be notified in writing of the anticipated date and time that it will be available.

To obtain CSEC public information, complete and send the following electronic request form:

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Requests can also be made by:

Mail to: Commission on State Emergency Communications, 333 Guadalupe Street, Suite 2-212, Austin, Texas 78701

Facsimile to:  (512) 305-6937

More information on the Texas Public Information Act (Tex. Gov’t Code Ch. 552) can be found at the Office of the Attorney General's website at:

Charges for Public Information

A governmental body is allowed to recover all costs related to reproducing public information.  The CSEC has adopted by reference the rules of the Office of the Attorney General (1 Tex. Admin. Code §§ 70.1-70.12) relating to the cost of copies of public information. A request for copies and/or printouts that results in more than fifty pages may also be assessed charges for labor, overhead (calculated as a percentage of the labor total), and materials. Requests that require programming and/or manipulation of data may be assessed charges for those tasks and for computer time needed to process the request.

If a request for public information will result in charges of more than $40.00, the requestor will be provided a written, itemized estimate of charges. The estimate of charges will notify the requestor whether a less costly way of viewing the requested information is available. The estimate will also notify the requestor that the request will be considered automatically withdrawn if the requestor does not respond in writing within ten business days of the date of the statement that the requestor: (a) accepts the charges; (b) modifies the request in response to the estimate; or (c) has sent, or is sending, a complaint regarding the charges to the attorney general.

If estimated costs exceed $100.00, the CSEC may require a bond, prepayment or deposit.  If a deposit, bond, or prepayment is required, the CSEC will consider the request withdrawn if payment is not received within ten business days of the date the governmental body requested the deposit, bond, or prepayment.

A timely payment for all mutually agreed charges is necessary.  The CSEC can demand payment of overdue balances exceeding $100.00, or obtain a security deposit, before processing additional requests from the requestor.

The CSEC may determine that providing the information primarily benefits the general public, resulting in a waiver or reduction of charges.


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