Wireless Service Fee Distribution

Health and Safety Code Section 771.0711 authorizes the collection of a "Wireless Service Fee" in the amount of $0.50 per month on each Texas based wireless connection.  

Health & Safety Code Section 771.0712 authorizes the collection of a "Prepaid 9-1-1 Emergency Service Fee" in the amount of 2.0% of the purchase price of each prepaid telecommunication service, purchased by any method.

Health & Safety Code Section 771.0711 designates the CSEC as the administrator of all the wireless funds collected. Each month the CSEC distributes the collected wireless funds to the fifty-one independent 9-1-1 jurisdictions in Texas. The balance of the collected wireless funds are deposited in the Texas Treasury. The CSEC administers the wireless fund at no cost to the fund.

Wireless fund distributions are based on the portion of state population served by each Texas 9-1-1 jurisdiction. Per Commission Rule 252.6, the CSEC calculates the distribution percentages for each 9-1-1 jurisdiction using the most recent annual population estimate published by the Texas State Data Center/Office of the State Demographer.

The amount of wireless service fees distributed by the CSEC are shown in the Current Wireless Distribution YTD Summary file below.

The population percentages currently in use, are shown in the Allocation Calculation Worksheet file below.  

Questions regarding the wireless service fees can be directed to: finance (at) csec.texas.gov.

pdfCurrent Wireless Distribution YTD Summary (August 2016)

pdfAllocation Calculation Worksheet (August 2015)

pdfApproved Values for Distributions Made After August 10 2016

pdfApproved Wireless Emergency Service Fee Allocation Chart For Use After August 10 2016


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